Inside Trade website may close

Recent approval of EU's Article 13, that shifts policing of copyrights on user uploaded material to website owners, may force Inside Trade's website to a close.

For years we've been providing forums, tutorials and articles, allowing users to post pretty much what they wanted, but that is probably coming to an end. According to the new Article 13, we would be responsible for copyright infringement on anything our users would link/upload, and we can't afford that, as we also cant afford the resources required to police the website.

You can read more about this at Arstechnica, from where, as a last rebellious act, I stole the image I use on this news article. As a side note, this will mostly benefit large corporations, as it's clearly not EU's citizens best interests. If asked my opinion I would categorize this as a lobby pushed law, mostly stealthy, approved during a World Cup so most people wont even notice it.




Dunkare said:

(11 months ago)

Sign here to fight Article 13:

It's not much the people can do, but if we don't even do that, we have no right to complain.

Sillindistani said:

(11 months ago)

Controle-nazi's at it again, corporation supremacy must be total. You will not be creative, innovative, social or free. Your mind and body belongs to the capitalist machine, for them to make billions with.

Sad, very sad.

RaZoRNaTe said:

(11 months ago)

RaZoRNaTe said:

(11 months ago)

Excuse the language but FUCK THE EU!!

Mona said:

(11 months ago)

jah616 said:

(11 months ago)

Just like GDPR, it's all horsepiss that benefits the big guys.

Nirvana_Blade said:

(6 months ago)

Any updates about website?? Will it close or (hopefully) not ??

itsecman said:

(6 months ago)

GDPR and Article 13 are completely different. 

GDPR is designed to force "the big guys" to ensure that the personal data they hold about you is protected and only used for the purposes that you have agreed to. If a company should suffer a breach (hack) or use your data for something you didin't agree to (i.e. selling your phone number to a PPI company) then they can face a fine of up to 20 Million Euros, or 4% of their Global Turnover, whichever is higher.

Article 13, on the other hand, is a complete bag of Poo!

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