Can't Talk in Guild Chat Bug

No you didn't smoke too much skooma, your words are really lost in the oblivic limbo of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Today, as I logged in to say good morning to our awesome members, I found myself muted for no reason. After a while, chat started working again, but then it bugged, and again, and again.

I just wanted you guys know that we, Evil Corp, I mean, Inside Trade, did nothing to our user permissions, everything is the same as always. Apparently, there is a bug (everyone on zone chat was talking about it) that randomly prevents guild members from talking in their guilds. Zenimax is likely to know about it, so don't worry, it will be fixed soon enough. Till then, enjoy the weirdly spaced conversations this is bound to create. :)

PS: If you're wondering if I just made up a new word, yes, I did and I like it. Oblivic sounds awesome.

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