Dark Brotherhood Sneak Peek

Since many people don't have access to the PTS server, or lack the time to do the testing themselves, I decided to share what is not covered in the patch notes. 

Everything is still subject to change before it goes live, but I believe it's already very helpful to know whats going to happen. Here it goes:

Dark Brotherhood quest line:

I haven’t really looked at the quest line in great detail as I prefer to do these when they become live. It seems to follow a similar style to the Thieves Guild quests giving armour/weapon sets as reward along with a skill line that adds some new bits to PVE but doesn’t really have an impact on dungeons and PVP play.

Veteran Rank removal:

As per the patch notes, it’s all ranked by Champion points now. You will see the adjustment in the screenshots below of how it now looks.


  • Gained from the Dark Brotherhood questline:
    • Sithis' Touch:

    • Flaking Strategist:

    • Hide of Morihaus:

  • Crafted sets with crafting locations in the Gold Coast:

I couldn’t find how many traits would be required to craft these sets yet.

    • Pelinal’s Aptitude:

    • Varen’s Wall:

    • Kvatch Gladiator:

  • Purchased using Tel Var stones in Imperial City:

These sets only seem to be purchasable via lockboxes at the moment so will grant a random piece of the specified set.

    • Galerions Revenge:

    • Vicecannon of Venom

    • Thews of the Harbinger

    • Imperial Physique

Name plates:

While personally not fan of the name plates, I know that these will be a good addition for some and with the amount of settings for them you can tweak it so it only shows you what you want to see:

And the configuration options:


The effects are much stronger in PTS than they will be in live. There is now a new slot next to your weapon bars to place the poison. While the poison is slotted, any benefits from weapon glyphs will be removed. Poisons have a 20% chance to be applied on all light attacks, heavy attacks and weapon ability use.

The use of oil rather than water will determine whether you make a potion or poison. These seem to be a random drop from kills around Tamriel and don’t seem to be able to be harvested from nodes like water.

The effect of using oil instead of water for a normal potion recipe seems to just reverse the effect that we normally see.

For example:

A Tri-pot using Mountain Flower, Bugloss and Columbine:

With water,

With oil:

A Movement speed & Invis poison using Blessed Thistle, Blue Entoloma and Namira’s Rot:

It’s not always the exact opposite effect and sometimes includes some self buffs plus with the new poison reagents will involve some trial and error or someone that has a lot more patience to create a full list.

Columbine, Ladys Smock and Wormwood:

You can slot a stack of poisons in the weapon poison slot. It is not the easiest thing to see when the effect actually triggers, after fighting a couple of random mobs in Wrothgar the stack dropped from 32 to 20, so it may be worth only slotting an amount you are willing to use or only slotting for the fights when you know it will make a difference.

Crafting bag:

You now have the crafters bag (if you are ESO Plus subscriber) which frees up bank and inventory space, by putting all crafting components into this infinite slot bag, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Potency Runes:

Enchanting nodes will all drop one Essence and one Aspect, Potency runes will not drop anymore, and from my understanding become a vendor only item. Whether these prices will stay the same once live, I’m not sure.


I used the templates for the PTS, as the only character it copied across for me was a lvl 10 templar I had on the NA server. I couldn’t do any direct comparisons to how I play now, and how it would affect my play style when the changes become live. That, along with the fact that it is hard to find small/large group skirmishes, as everyone is duelling to find their “meta” and I am rubbish at duelling. ☺

It does seem that resource management will become more of an important factor now with the changes in traits, costs and a lot more outside influence being able to impact your ability cost and pools.

The Imperial City changes hopefully will make it a busier place with the capture of districts and the increase value and worth of telvar stones. Although it did seem a bit odd to have the normal guards you would see above ground guarding the resources in a Daedra filled city, but that is probably just me being picky, the idea is good.

Tel Var prices and vendors:

Unfathomable Bag Vendor:

Unidentified Bag Vendor:

Tel Var Stones random stuff vendor:

And these are some of the changes in the game. I hope this article gave you a better insight of whats coming, and when it finally goes live, you are better prepared.

Have fun, and safe travels!



Urhart said:

(about 3 years ago)

The only Potency I got to harvest was the one from the Certification of enchanting. I guess they will remedy that once going live but we will have to see then won't we. Very nice piece of work this.

Idrisa said:

(about 3 years ago)

Nice indeed, thanks for the sneak peek! :)

Lance78 said:

(about 3 years ago)

Courtesy to Pabston. Many thanks mate

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