Doing Business in Mournhold

Greetings Insiders.

As many of you have noticed, after some intelligence gathering and some cloak and daggers moves, we managed to hire a new trader in Mournhold. It seems that the Baandari love Inside Trade as this is the second khajiit we managed to hire in order to do business with. This one is a little sly and offers all kind of "services" to our potential customers while they check our wares.

Our allies presence is also strong in Mournhold, The Akatosh Imperium is controlling now, including ours, 4 out of the 7 shops available. I expect our sales to increase significantly, since the location is much better, but a shop as this one is very expensive to maintain, and "sniping", guilds that bid ridiculous amounts of cash only once without having a steady flow, is quite frequent in Mournhold, so we need to work hard to keep it.

As we managed to gather more and more members and we have quite an active and friendly guild here, the next step for us is to ensure a steady cash flow so that we can keep such a highly prized location.

Therefore I kindly ask ALL of you to do your part and help the guild with sales, lottery and donations. As you can see above, even singing by the shop helps! :)

Many thanks to those that supported the officers and the leading team, helping us with our much needed cash flow.

Happy sales Insiders!



Glycer said:

(over 3 years ago)

Awesome move, keep up the good work :)

Dal said:

(over 3 years ago)

This one is satisfied.

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