Earn Yourself Free Scalecaller Crates

With the release of the all new Scalecaller Crown Crates on Thursday 15th March, the guys and girls over at ESO are giving you the opportunity to get your hands on up to three, yes THREE free crown crates. To acquire these new items, log into the game and defeat any enemy creature (monsters, bosses, or even enemy NPCs) every day, from Friday, March 9 until Sunday, March 11. Note that for the purpose of this event, each day begins at 12:00AM GMT and ends at 11:59PM GMT (that means it starts at 7:00PM on the previous day, for those on the US East Coast).

You'll recieve your crates on Tuesday March 13th and you can find them in your crown crates menu.  

Find out more about the items you can potentially recieve in the crates  here

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