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So, last few days have been a nightmare, unscheduled maintenances all the time, scheduled maintenances taking half the DAY (not night, as in other games) and all kinds of issues/bugs/wtv that prevent us to play.

I'm very slightly upset. I was expecting a quiet afternoon eviscerating anyone and everyone on Cyrodiil (god praise friendly fire if there was any) but servers crashed right after my daily random dungeon.
Rollback took the exp but forgot to return the random dungeon quest and also kept the enlightened exp, making it pointless to go again.
Also, I had reached c531!! Now I'm back to c529, but hey, the upside is I get to celebrate reaching cap again. Yay.

But right after I opened a ticket demonstrating my joy with all this, the servers go down again... and with them my hopes for a night of senseless butchering in Cyrodiil.

So now here I am, wondering what else is there to play... I mean, I enjoy ESO, although this is mostly because there is virtually no other decent MMO at the moment, but cmon ZOS... its been 2 years, can't you get your s*** together? I understand you don't have any respect for us EU players (hint hint maintenances during the day) but you're dropping to a whole new low in the gaming history, it's becoming unbearable, please, stop it. Stop fucking up.



Sillindistani said:

(over 2 years ago)

they do seem to be getting worse at their job instead of better. i can understand it's a lot of work but things like daytime maintenance and unscheduled downtime make me question their common sense, if not their intelligence. ah well, i still have total war warhammer to brutalise in my free time XD

Glycer said:

(over 2 years ago)

Yeah, and I contacted customer support regarding the rollback and got a "FU" as reply.

Baranthus said:

(over 2 years ago)

I keep saying on the forums - they need to dedicate one of the update release and instead commit it to fixing the game. It really is unfair, especially when people pay for things with real money and lose out bercause they can't organise simple things like PLANNED maintenances.

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