Error 200 and the big bad DDoS attack

Many players experienced connection issues in the past few days, making it impossible to play.

I for one was affected by this and was unable to be online for more than 2 minutes without disconnecting, most of the time I was just in the login screen spamming my password and getting error 200 as reply.

According to ZOS_JessicaFolsom at reddit it was a DDoS attack that created the unavailability of the servers.

During today, 26th of December, the servers became more and more accessible, and by the end of the day almost everyone was back in action.

Although this is not directly Zenimax' fault, and to be honest, I'm happy they did not pay the ransom usually associated with this kind of attacks, I hope they understand many players where affected and some compensation is in order. ;)

Still, the situation is not yet market as solved, so lets wait and see what happens, maybe there's more to come. I sure hope not, this is having an impact on our sales :P

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