ESO's Next Expansion : Summerset. Available May 21st on PC/Mac

I don't know about you guys and girls but I am SUPER Stoked for this expansion. I do believe I'm turning into a bit of an ESO fangirl, but hey ho! Someone has to carry the burden right?

With the latest expansion you'll be given the opportunity to complete the prologue quest which is available now by acquiring the Mage's Message Stone free from the in-game Crown Store. Use the stone from within your Inventory to receive an urgent message from Vanus and acquire the quest titled “Through a Veil Darkly." Once complete, you'll receive the Wyrd Elemental Plume memento and be all set for the coming adventures.

Summerset opens up the home of the High Elves and by decree of Queen Ayrenn foreigners are now able to visit their home land. Once there you will be enlisted on a main quest that completes the story line started in the base game, and followed up in Clockwork City. Not only will y ou get to explore the area pf the Summerset Isles you will also have access to the following:

  • Join the mysterious Psijic Order for the first time in an Elder Scrolls game and explore their island home of Artaeum
  • Learn a brand-new Psijic Order combat Skill Line, and wield powers over time itself
  • Master a new Jewelry Crafting Skill Line
  • Face the challenges of Cloudrest, a new 12-player Trial
  • Take on new group PvE challenges, including the Abyssal Geysers

To learn more about the Summerset Chapter, please visit here

 To find out more about the pre-purchase editions and rewards available please visit here and make your choice! :D Theres a ton of mounts on offer and cosmetic pets. I'll definitely be getting my hands on the collectors edition :D

For the cinematic teaser please visit here 

For the gameplay announcement Trailer, please visit here

See you all in game! 

Vixen <3




Bubblevixen said:

(about 1 year ago)

Ah I'm so excited for that too Orlando!! :D Anything crafting related can only improve the game! :D Crafting and trading are 2 of the things I look for and can make or break a game for me :D

OrlandoKatana said:

(about 1 year ago)

So many lines of text and I see only jwl crafting ^-^

Harleyquincey said:

(about 1 year ago)

I'm pretty stoked, too. I mean Summerset Isles? Absolutely gorgeous landscape, really. Now if someone would get rid of the High Elves there, it could be a lovely place to settle. 


Jokes aside, I am also really keen on jewel crafting, has been something we players asked for ever since what.. mid 2014? I am just a little sad/disappointed that there doesn't seem to be a new class along with it, would really have appreciated that (for example a bard class). Ah, one can always hope for the future :)


As it is, it's gonna be glorious! :)

Sillindistani said:

(about 1 year ago)

excited, check. pre-order, check. :)

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