ESO Two Years Old and Counting

Next week ESO turns 2 years old, and there are some goodies waiting for us players. Take a look at what The Elder Scrolls Online official website posted:

To celebrate ESO's two year anniversary, we're welcoming Chef Donolon to Tamriel. This esteemed master of baked treats is known across Tamriel for his delicious cakes. We've heard that Chef Donolon is trying out a new recipe for a Jubilee Cake, which we're confident you'll want to try. All you need to do is bring him a voucher for the cake. One slice of his decadent creation and you'll earn twice as much Experience in-game! Must be all that sugar…

We want to make sure you're ready for this special event – read below for all the details:

  • The event will begin at 7:30pm EDT on April 3, and conclude at 7pm EDT on April 10. Everyone will be able to participate, regardless of platform or megaserver.
  • When you first log in, you'll be presented with an announcement screen informing you of a free voucher for a cake in the Crown Store.
  • Once you open the Crown Store and retrieve the voucher, your quest – Ache For Cake – will begin.
  • After the quest is complete, you'll receive your reward – a Jubilee Cake, which will be placed in your Mementos collection.
  • You and anyone in your group will be able to enjoy the cake and receive a 100% XP buff. This buff stacks with all other XP buffs!
  • Once the week is over, you'll retain the cake as a special keepsake but its magic will be gone.

Now, we're betting that many of you are great bakers. After all, you've had so much practice while leveling up your Provisioning skill line. We'd love to see your Jubilee Cake recipes, and if you're feeling extra ambitious, send us a picture of your completed cake! We'll choose some of our favorites to share on our official Facebook and Twitter pages, and treat random submissions to something special.

In addition to these activities, we'll be doing random giveaways on our ESO social media channels throughout the week; be sure to keep an eye out!

Thanks to each and every one of you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to the years ahead with you in Tamriel!



Tooninki said:

(about 3 years ago)

Sigh! Loved my cake, helped me level sooooooo many levels...

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