Guild Fee Rolled Yesterday, All is Good

When we planned the V2 of the website, we decided to also implement a Guild Fee. The reasons were simple, a Guild Merchant is very expensive, between 500.000 Gold and 1.000.000 Gold per week, and it was always the same core group supporting it. Charging a guild fee would split the weight, making it fair for everyone. While it not a perfect solution, it was still better than what we had, and besides, 1000 gold in ESO is very close to nothing.

But we had to delay the guild fee until we were sure it would be fair for everyone.

I mean, a player that just joined the guild shouldn't be forced to pay just because he's in. And what about our friends in holidays, or busy in real life? Why should they pay a fee to help a merchant they can't use?

Now, they wont.

The system we devised checks guild activity and charges fee only to those that eligible, in other words, players older than 7 days and that were active within the last 7 days.

Another upside is the system is 99% automated, only needs admin supervision to click next, so errors are very unlikely, every eligible member is deducted 1000 gold from their Website Balance.

Charging the fee from the Website Balance also allows our members to deposit as much as they want in advance, a single deposit in the Guild Bank can cover for several months of Guild Fee. We actually have a member that deposited enough for over 2 years, that is, if she doesn't play the Guild Lottery or Donate, since both also charge from Website Balance.

We hope you enjoy the system, its very simple and requires nearly no action from our members, all they have to do is deposit Gold in the Guild Bank and make sure they don't go negative, although if they do they will receive a reminder email so they don't forget. :D 

Feel free to help us improve the system, contact us if you have any ideas or questions, or just leave a comment below.



Omnidevil said:

(about 3 years ago)

Good job!

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