Inside Trade Version 2 is Live

We are really happy to announce v2 of Inside Trade website is now live!

We were having a lot of work with manually dealing with Lottery. Then, on top of that, we added a guild fee... That means keeping track of potentially 500 deposits on the guild bank every week. We can't ask an officer to do that, that's a part time job we can't pay.

So we rolled our sleeves and came up with a plan, we need to get those bank transactions on the website!

And that's what we did, all officers now use an addon that tracks bank transactions. When the officer logs out, he sends those transactions to the website and every user's balance (that made a deposit) is automatically updated. This little change takes a lot of work out of our backs.

User balance is then used to pay for lottery tickets, guild fee and for donations.

Another thing we added on Version 2 was the experience. you now level up on the website too! It's really funny, you get to progress as you participate in the guild. Currently, every gold you "spend" in the website adds to your experience.

We also added badges that represent accomplishments. Currently there's only a few, but we plant to add more in time:

  • Guild Lottery Winner
  • Guild Protector
  • Guild Member

Of course, these changes made it so it's now mandatory to register on the website, and pay the 1000g guild fee. It's a bit more work from the member's point a view, but it's a better experience for everyone and greatly helps the Guild Merchant Fund, and thats the core of a Trading Guild in The Elder Scrolls Online.

And thats all, for now. We will bring you more as we have time, till then, V2 is the place to be! ;)

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