New Life Festival

We're wrapping up an exciting year in Tamriel by celebrating the New Life Festival! This event is filled with quests that take you across different zones, and you have a chance to obtain fun and festive rewards.

The New Life Festival kicks off this Thursday, December 15 at 10:00am EST. Before you can partake in the festivities, you'll need to track down Breda outside Windhelm for your first quest simply titled “The New Life Festival." Once you complete her requests, you'll have the opportunity to complete up to nine different daily quests, each themed for Tamriel's different races and located in their respective zones. These include:

Castle Charm Challenge (Breton)

Fish Boon Feast (Argonian)

Lava Foot Stomp (Dunmer)

Mud Ball Merriment (Bosmer)

Signal Fire Sprint (Redguard)

Snow Bear Plunge (Nord)

Stonetooth Bash (Orc)

The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile (Khajiit)

War Orphan's Sojourn (Altmer)

Upon completion of each quest, you'll be given a New Life Gift Box which contains a random assortment of New Life Festival-themed goodies. Each New Life Gift Box will always contain:

A random crafting material (Provisioning ingredient, Alchemy reagent, or Health glyph)

A consumable version of a New Life-themed Memento

A Skinchanger style item (Wolfsbane Incense)

In addition, you will also receive one of the following:

A Skinchanger Motif chapter

A New Life recipe of either green, blue or gold-quality

A special New Life Collectible

Mud Ball Pouch (Memento)

Nordic Bather's Towel (Costume)

Colovian Filigreed Hood (Hat)

Colovian Fur Hood (Hat)

If you're able to complete all the quests that Breda has for you, you'll receive a special new dye – New Life Cerulean – and the New Life Celebrant achievement. Completing all the New Life-related achievements will grant the “Magnanimous" title as well! In addition, drinking Breda's Magnificent Mead (located in a keg near Breda) will net you double XP for two hours. Be sure and complete each quest before the New Life Festival concludes on Wednesday, January 4 at 10am EST.

Don't forget that in tandem with the New Life Festival, we also have several Crown Store items available to get your character in the holiday spirit! Check out our latest Crown Store Showcase for the exact dates each item will be available to purchase.

Enjoy the festival Insiders!!!!

ShoSho xxx

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