Ranked Gear Farming Event on Public Dungeons

Our newest officer, the awesome Bubblevixen, has been busy trying to set Stas, our guild emperor for almost a year, off the throne. But also, she's been busy organizing a Gear Farming event on Public Dungeons. If you like gold, cool entourage and (maybe) drinks, read ahead, this might be for you! ;)

From 12 to 24 February, 1-hour farming events will take place within Inside Trade guild members, led by @Bubblevixen.

To apply and learn more about this, feel free to read the forum post here.

I hope to see you there!

Have fun and happy trading! <3



Bubblevixen said:

(over 1 year ago)

Ah the dethroning is all in good fun! :D If it's helping to fund guild events and vendors then who am I to stop? :3 He knows he can afford to be emperor for as long as he wants xD Sign up for the event!!!! I may even venture onto voice chat :O

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