The Evasive Guild Merchant

Update: This article was originally published in June 19, 2015. This one hoped Zenimax would have done something about this terrible situation, but after many posts, many complaints, they reacted as much to this situation as they react to the customer support tickets I open with them. In other words, they ignored it.

As the week started, many of you noticed we lost the bid for the guild merchant.

This was a nasty blow to the guild, but we're strong and will survive, next week we will bid harder.

Why did we lose the bid you may ask?

Because, as in many things in ESO - the game we love and hate, the system is flawed. Terribly flawed.
There is nearly no control over what we're doing when we bid on a guild merchant. We can only dump money, we can't change our minds. We can't tell if any other guild is bidding on the same merchant, or for how much. If we get outbid, the penalty is too high, a full week without merchant.
And on top of that, any guild member can see where and exactly how much was the bid. Wanna "kill" the new guilds? Join them, spy, and outbid them so they can't get a merchant.
There is currently no guild permissions that prevent this from happening, although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand guild money logs should be linked to guild money withdraw permission.
Unfortunately, it also doesn't take much to design a new guild merchant bid system, for example, a "easy" solution would be to join merchants in areas, and you bid on a merchant on that area. If you win a slot, lets say, top 5 bids on a 5 merchant area, you either get the one you bided on, or if its not free, another one in the area. This way you would have an idea of what is happening.

But Zenimax Online seems to be on a break... The last few months have been void of new stuff, and much of the known future content, like the Imperial City that was datamined out of the game back in September 2014, is still locked away from us players, probably waiting for some strategic moment to be released.
I can understand the console launch was probably the main concern, and that it took a lot of resources to make sure it would not repeat the PC ESO launch flop, but it is done now, things need to go back to normal, development for ESO must pick up.
They should fix the lag in Cyrodiil, balance classes, patch the instant crashes, and since they are on it, why not rethink the Guild Merchant system, it's subpar, even within ESO.


Lariana said:

(almost 4 years ago)

I agree, bidding on guild traders feels completely random and a shot in the dark. There are a few things I'd like to see while bidding, such as the maximum bid so far so we know when to increase our bids, or the total number of bids per guild trader, just to get an idea of how popular certain traders are. I don't know how much this will affect the bidding system, but I think it should help keep the competition level, as I often see many traders in good locations that didn't receive any bids at all.

Glycer said:

(almost 4 years ago)

Yup, any additional information would be awesome. I really hope Zenimax looks into this soon...

IronBrutzler said:

(almost 4 years ago)

Did you post it one the Forums?

Lance78 said:

(about 3 years ago)

To show you how ridiculous the current system is. The Guild that sniped us had at the time of this article around 255 items for sale with a total value of items under 750000. For comparison, we sold last week for 6.5 millions+, our total items market value is maybe 10 millions plus. We lost our bid with 570k+, so I assume they bid over 600k. Based on their percentages only, if we would bid 90% of our sales or potential sales, we should bid around 6-9 millions!!!

RonjaValkyrie said:

(about 3 years ago)

.... *mjau*

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