Zenimax Online Doesn't Care

Every once in a while we feel like we have to file a complain. A few weeks ago the servers where very unstable, with daily unscheduled maintenances and long downtimes, so I decided to contact customer support to see if I could get some kind of compensation for almost a week of ESO Plus I couldn't use.

I'm not a psychic, but after dealing with ZOS customer support I know it's likely something funny happens. So, for full disclosure, I informed the Customer Support Representative that the conversation was likely to become public.

Jeniffer answered, a copy-paste text without even reading my ticket:

To which I replied:

And then Jeniffer showed her professionalism, her will to make fun of a customer:

She told me to uninstall ESO, nothing more.

It took me quite a while to publish it, mostly because I was stunned with the answer, till today I couldn't believe this happened. Maybe, just maybe from a rogue CSR, but after my feedback, the CSR would likely be fired. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago I had to open another ticket, to my surprise, the CSR was again Jennifer.

She wasn't fired. I asked to talk with another CSR, never got reply again.

I don't think this an acceptable answer. For a troll, yes, of course, "someone is having problems because our servers are broken and they want soemthing? tell them to uninstall LOL", but this is a paid service, and ZOS is not the corner store. This is deeply insulting and disturbing.

This proves Zenimax Onine just doesn't care, but tbh, that's not really a surprise for any ESO veteran.



kevinkitten said:

(12 months ago)

Part of me wonders whether Jennifer is a bot. Probably though she's so overloaded in her call centre that she has about 2 seconds to click the nearest standard response before she has another ticket to deal with. Still, I take your point.

Yogino said:

(12 months ago)

Jennifer = Java Engineered Intelligence For Everyday Replies

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