Back to Mournhold!

As you noticed, we're back in the market! After a long talk with Zarum, from Mournhold, we convinced him to sell our goods. :) It wasn't easy, the guy is pretty greedy and he likes to sell his services really high, but we are a strong community and we managed to be up to his challenge.

I would like to thank you all for your efforts, really good job, keep it this way!

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Imperial City Approaching!

The one patch I was waiting for is finally closing in!

As I opened the launcher this afternoon, a pop up message gave me great news, the Imperial City is coming soon.

According to ESO's official website, the launch is scheduled for 31st August, with PTS getting the patch later this month.

Among other many other interesting things, they said the price will be 2500 crows, so I'm risking to say everyone, or nearly everyone, will have it.

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Guild Lottery Revamped!

I'm happy to announce that, due to popular demand, our guild lottery engine now allows for more than 5 tickets per person.

We changed the limit from 5 tickets to 10 on the current lottery to see how our members react to this change. If all goes well, we will surely consider even higher limits. :)

If you're considering the implications, yes, richer players will have a higher chance to win. But the game stays the same, a player that only buys one ticket will get his money multiplied a lot more if he wins.

Above all, we think the system is still fair, and more important, we need to feed our new Mournhold merchant, the old witch seems to only eat lobster.

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First Guild Merchant Lottery Winner!

I'm happy to announce our first lottery ended, and although it was very brief, less than 24 hours total, it was a huge success.

The Lucky winner was Skrotn, and his name will forever be in the guild's Hall of Fame, as the first winner ever!

Our thanks to every participant, funding the guild merchant is a priority to the guild, and every gold piece counts. Your support is appreciated, together we collected 28k gold to help on the next bid!

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Guild Lottery is here!

After a few hours of hard work, we added a new feature for you, dear Guild Members, we now have a Guild Lottery!

For those asking why we should bother with that, I have the answer for you. First, it's expensive to get a Guild Trader, the gold we get from guild sales is not even close to the amount needed to hire a merchant. Week after week we injected gold from our own "pockets".

I'm not complaining, it is a worthy sacrifice because the guild is awesome, but spending this much money is impossible in the long run, something had to be done.

Now, every member can help with the Guild Merchant and at the same time have a chance to win some serious cash.

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Best wishes to all :) xxx

- Sillindistani (5 months ago)

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And a happy new year! :D

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