ESO's Next Expansion : Summerset. Available May 21st on PC/Mac

On May 21st ESO's latest expansion Summerset will open up for PC and Mac users. (PC Master race "ahem") :D Read on to find out what lies in store for you and your friends to explore.....

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Earn Yourself Free Scalecaller Crates

Fancy getting your hands on the crown crates without spending any hard earned cash? Find out how here :)

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March - New items hitting the Crown Store

It's that time of the month again! ESO throws us some lovely pixellated goodies to spend our hard earned cash on, and if you're a sucker for the shinies like I am, then you'll be crazy excited over this matter how fake the unicorn is :D Read on to find out what's on offer this month and when you can get your hands on them.

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Crime Pays During The Thieves Guild And Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event

Seriously though, who DOESN'T love it when The Elder Scrolls Online throws these bonus events our way? Read on to find out what lies in store for you over the next 11 days.

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Ranked Gear Farming Event on Public Dungeons

Our newest officer, the awesome Bubblevixen, has been busy trying to set Stas, our guild emperor for almost a year, off the throne. But also, she's been busy organizing a Gear Farming event on Public Dungeons. If you like gold, cool entourage and (maybe) drinks, read ahead, this might be for you! ;)

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Best wishes to all :) xxx

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