Dragon Bones DLC and Update 17 are nearly here!

Find out what ESO has in store for you next here!

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Happy Holidays!

We wish you a very happy holidays season!

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The dungeon event is upon us

ESO's 10 Million Stories dungeon event is upon us.

Find out more about this event here.

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Do you have Morrowind? Then here, have a free mount

If you have ESO's expansion you have just won a free mount, but if you don't, you can get it now, on sale! Read more on PlayerGadget.

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Free crown crate weekend is back

Don't miss this great opportunity to earn 3 crown crates of the brand new Flame Atronach Crown Crates. For more details, go to PlayerGadget Official Page to read what do you need to do.

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Best wishes to all :) xxx

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And a happy new year! :D

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