Player Housing!

ZOS have just released the information that the Homestead update will be with us in February 2017. Here is what they had to say......

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Elder Scrolls Offline

So, last few days have been a nightmare, unscheduled maintenances all the time, scheduled maintenances taking half the DAY (not night, as in other games) and all kinds of issues/bugs/wtv that prevent us to play.

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Update 12 & One Tamriel

The Elder Scrolls Online official website is announcing Update 12 & One Tamriel. Lets see what they got for us:

For the past few years, we've been working hard to improve and expand ESO by offering quarterly DLC game packs and game updates to our global community of more than seven million players. Now, we're excited to share some details from gamescom about our last game update of 2016, featuring One Tamriel.

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New Tabard Proposal

Today we had an alliance meeting about the tabard. With the new "name plates" system being introduced, many of us want to wear our tabard to show the guild. But not with the old colours...

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ZOS Features a First Look into Shadows of the Hist

ESO official website is announcing the next DLC pack, update 11, featuring Shadows of the Hist. Lets see what they got for us:

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