Bethesda Announces Dark Brotherhood

Bethesda announced the next The Elder Scrolls Online DLC, the Dark Brotherhood. They also released some information on whats to come, for example, the removal of the Veteran Ranks.

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Tips and Tricks to Make Gold Tutorial

ESO has a steady flow of new players, if you travel to any low level area, you can see hordes of them running around questing, gathering, adventuring as they can, killing everything on sight or just chatting.

Since Inside Trade allows for any level to join, we get contacted by very new players, and I find myself giving tips on how to make gold every day. 

So this time, I made it into a tutorial so I can forward everyone there. :D

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ESO Two Years Old and Counting

Next week ESO turns 2 years old, and there are some goodies waiting for us players. Take a look at what The Elder Scrolls Online official website posted:

To celebrate ESO's two year anniversary, we're welcoming Chef Donolon to Tamriel. This esteemed master of baked treats is known across Tamriel for his delicious cakes.

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Play Dirty, Get Away Clean!

The Elder Scrolls Online just releases its latest DLC, the Thieves Guild. I played it, I loved it, I can't wait to play more. It's pretty awesome!

It's too early for me to write a review, since I haven't played that much, so I'll just go ahead and give your something to read, as seen in The Elder Scrolls Online Website.

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New Rank Page For Guild Levels Soon

I'm currently working on a new section to "help" people (Lance) brag about how awesome they are.

Did a few tests and currently, hidden deep in the caves of this website, right next to each tutorial, you can see a demo version of what I'm talking about.

The good news is, top 20 is still pretty easy to get in.

The bad news is... competition increases every day :)

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Best wishes to all :) xxx

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