Trading 101 Masterclass: Tips for those under CP160

Struggling to make ends meet and hit your sales targets as you level your character? Knowledge is power and sharing is caring (or so they say...there's some things I won't share...like food...it's mine. End of. (^^.)  ) Anyways, following is your mini masterclass on how to hit your sales targets and reach top sales :D 

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Crafting Motifs And Where To Find Them.

Fancy making a quick buck with a farmable motif but don't know where to start? Or maybe you're just missing a few pieces and want to complete your collection. Take a peek at the following guide to all of the motifs and where you can find them for all your crafting (or farming) needs! 

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How to make gold and become rich!

Seems that a lot of people have issues making decent sales. So, that makes you wonder, how the game economy works and how do you make gold? 

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Updated Addon List for ESO 2017

Updated addons list for fellow Insiders.

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Playing ESO in 4K resolution on a 1080p monitor.

Don't worry if you don't have a 4k monitor, you can still play this game 4k on a lower end monitors.

Here is how...

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