Basics of Fishing

First of all let us start with the types of water.

There are 4 types of water in Tamriel, saltwater (oceans, seas like in the picture above), lakes, rivers and foul waters.

Foul waters are the ones that are the most difficult usually because they can be any of the others above but corrupted/polluted. This waters can be found in cities, sewers, caves and swamps. 

Each type of water has it's own type of bait so bait selecting is important. Do not bother to buy the simple bait from the merchants as it is pretty useless!

A fish hole while fishing solo usually has 15 fish/catches in it.

When selecting the bait keep the following in mind: Type of water and availability of baits. Also some waters can be merging at some point. A river might flow into a lake or it might flow into the sea. 20 meters up you have a river hole and 20 meters down you might have a saltwater hole. Sometimes they can be a little confusing so you might get the wrong bait.

That is no problem though because in case you got the wrong bait 2 things usually can happen. You either get an used bait (Always collect the used bait and destroy it after, or otherwise you will just keep catching it again even if you switched the bait correctly) in which case you should switch the bait based on guessing what other type of water that hole can be, or you actually catch a fish. Each type of fish has a small description under it so ALWAYS read the description under the first fish you catch from a hole.

Now let us talk about baits. In the picture provided above the body of water is pretty clear saltwater so we choose chub as bait. Each type of water has 2 types of baits. One found out of water, and one caught in other waters.

the baits are as follows:

For rivers: Insect parts (found on butterflies, torchbugs, etc.) and Shad (caught in lakes).

For lakes: Guts (found on rats, squirells, rabbits, etc) and minnow (caught in saltwater).

For Saltwater: Worms (found on clothing harvesting nodes and zombies, this is the most difficult bait to aquire) and chub (caught in foul water).

For Foul water: crawlers (found on small non fighting spiders, mirriapods, etc. It also can drop on zombies) and fish roe (caught in rivers).

As for locations each has to find their own pace, but I can try to give you a few tips. 

First of all Wrothgar is the best fishing location rounding up all. Nikolvara's kennel, a cave on the south of the map just as you arrive in Wrothgar, is by far the best foul water farming spot in the game. 5-6 holes on a distance of 50 meters with very fast spawning rate. Wrothgar is also abundant on river, lake and saltwater holes.

For those without Orsinium DLC I recommend to try the rivers near Belkarth city in Craglorn for river fish. Quite a few holes with fast spawning rate on a rather short distance.

For saltwater fish, I recommend Stormhaven. The dam at Dro-Dara plantation, just slightly south east-east of Wayrest  was destroyed and the sea and swamps/foul water merge together creating quite a few holes where you can farm saltwater fish easily. Foul fish too but there are better location for foul fish.

In fact for foul fish I recommend the swamps of Shadowfen. Now this swamps are tricky because they mix lakes with swamps so you never know if you have a foul water hole or a lake one. However there are some decent spawning holes for foul fish south of the Hatching pools wayshrine, in the area around Deep Graves, and another area south west of Loriasel wayshrine around the area of Xal Ithix.

Lake holes are pretty common and you can also try Deshaan for those.

I hope this helps you guys. Happy fishing



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thanks for the tips, very helpful

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Thanks for the tutorial!

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