How to Install Master Merchant

Greetings fellow Inside Traders!

Here's a quick guide for installing my favourite selling addon, which is Master Merchant.

As many of you know, a trading addon is perhaps the most important thing you need if you want to be a successful trader. The addon provides a lot of valuable information, the most important being current selling prices for items and how popular they are.

Trading addons are also how other traders know what to buy (i.e. low priced stuff) so the better your prices are, the higher your chance for a sale. I personally use Master Merchant and find it pretty good, but I've heard there are other good ones. This guide will focus on how to install and use Master Merchant, and how it naturally makes you a competitive trader in The Elder Scrolls Online.

To download Master Merchant:

  • Click Download

Install it on your addons folder like any other addon and you're good to go! :)

It may take a while(2 days or so) to get the whole data (prices for items, etc).

Selling with MM is easy like a breeze because you no longer have to do the math or to ask in chat for prices, you just look at the unit and stack price (in the bottom box) and base your sell price on it. It will automatically set the price for items you never sold using MM current price, or for items you sold before, the price you used back then (so don't forget to update it to reflect current prices, overpriced items are not likely to sell, underpriced items will sell fast, but you will "lose" money).

And thats it, as you use it, it will become more effective and know more items, so after installation, just give it some time to populate the database.

Its a must have addon, you won't regret it, have fun!



Wizhunter said:

(over 3 years ago)

Nice Addon will have to try it :)

Idrisa said:

(over 3 years ago)

It's a must have addon, at least for me, you will like it! ;)

Stephan Schultz said:

(over 1 year ago)

Hi guys I am part of inside trade 2 and i would like to join inside trade 1 :) time to have some fun with the markets :D please invite me to your guild @Trill458

LuckieDuckie said:

(9 months ago)

I added it to my addons folder like all the other addons but its not working for me would you know why?

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