How to Start Making Gold in ESO

As many other games, the ESO's economy is vibrant and there's always room for one more player making a living. Grinding and questing gets you some gold, but it's not enough for the expenses of a growing character, where you can easily find yourself with barely enough money to repair your gear.
So you start farming, and here is where the trading guilds shine, they provide you a place to sell and, through Master Merchant, reliable prices to sell your goods.

So what do you farm? Here are some tips and tricks that may get you on the right path.

Every item you pick while adventuring has a value, some sell for very low prices, some are actually worth quite a bit. There are way too many items to make an individual analysis for each of them, so I'll just focus on generic groups of items, although I will occasionally single out a very profitable one.

If you are a new player, it's safe to assume you lack points in the crafting professions, so processing raw materials is probably not an option. Although they have a chance to "drop" yellow crafting items, the lack of points will make them very rare, and you're better off selling the materials raw for someone else to process. 
In due time, you will process your own goods, for now, just place them raw in the guild store.
This is valid for raw materials of Woodworking, Metalworking and Tailoring.

Plants, from Alchemy, are somewhat hard to spot when you don't have any skillpoints in Keen Eye. One tip is to disable grass until you do, because one plant, Columbine, is pure gold, each worth 350+ Gold at the time I wrote this.
Crafting potions at low level makes very little difference, so sell the ones that are worth something, and keep the least expensive ones to grind Alchemy later, you will need it at 50 for the increase potion duration skills.

Enchanting is the hardest profession to level, or it felt that way to me... So I just deconstruct any Glyphs I find, any bit of exp is good.

Aspect runes can be worth quite a lot, their quality is color coded same as the items, white -> green -> blue -> purple -> yellow. The yellow is called Kuta and it's worth about 7000 Gold at the moment, so get all the Aspect runes you see. Potency are also worth a bit, Essence are pretty much worthless, avoid those unless you need them to craft.

Provisioning materials are pretty much worthless individually, although a stack of 200 can get you over 1000 Gold. That will take you a lot of time to gather, so, from provisioning, only the recipes can be worth something, but rarely a lot. Food on the other hand will help you a lot on your adventuring, so never fight with an empty stomach if you can. ;)

Fishing is also a very good source of income, there's a yellow item, called Perfect Roe that can drop when you fillet the fish. It has about 1% change to drop, so don't expect to get it on the first fillet. With Votan's Fisherman addon, you can set a loud sound to be played when you have to pick the fish, so you can just do it while watching TV, or reading a book, or study... no, not while studying. A Perfect Roe can be worth about 10k Gold, so it's a very good way to idle ingame. Get some bait, find a nice area with nearby pools, fish to your heart's content (and your pocket).
Just so you know, Perfect Roes are used in Provisioning, the most relevant recipe is a drink that gives 50% extra exp for 30 minutes. With the correct skills in Provisioning, it goes up to 50 minutes and it's a must while grinding for anyone that can afford it. If you want to try it, plenty of people with the recipe (it's expensive) will trade you 3 potions for your 1 Roe, and keep one potion for themselves as payment, since 1 craft gives 4 Psijic Ambrosia potions.

Farming gear at low level is basically pointless, people just fly through those levels and at high levels you probably farm for yourself. The best tip regarding gear at low levels is to never repair if you can, just swap the old item by a new one that you found. Sell or trash the old item so "Repair All" doesn't repair it in your inventory.

Crafting your own gear also gives a huge advantage, the set bonuses alone will make you kill faster, and therefor make more Gold. Read this tutorial about crafting to learn the basics.

So this is it, some tips and tricks to get yourself started in ESO. I assume you read this tutorial about selling and this tutorial about Master Merchant so you can actually sell the stuff you get.

Safe travels, and remember, what doesn't kill you gives you exp!



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And crime actually pays :D

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Stealing blue items is really easy and you can probably make 20 K gold in and hour to two..... so yeah crime does pay well indeed..... :-)

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Would like to join. @zykis999

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