Updated Addon List for ESO 2017

Place Addon Files inside this folder:

Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu\AddOns 

Or you can use Minion (https://www.minion.gg)

AwesomeGuildStore (Download)

  • This addon augments the guild store interface with many useful additions.

Master Merchant (Download)

  • Master Merchant is an upgraded version of Shopkeeper that offers additional features for the Traders and Trading Guilds.

Lui Extended (Download)

  • Lui Extended contains several separated addon components: unit frames, lightweight information panel, scrolling floating combat text, active effects tracker, simple damage meter and additional chat announcement module.

LoreBooks (Download)

  • Displays map pins for Shalidor's Library books and Eidetic Memory Scrolls

Destinations (Download)

  • This addon will show many places on your maps and radar depending on your settings. For more info visit the addon download page.

HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers) (Download)

  • HarvestMap displays resource nodes, chests and fishing spots on map, compass and the 3d world.

Inventory Grid View (Download)

  • Replace your default inventory's list view with a more compact grid view!

Lost Treasure (Download)

  • Lost Treasure is an Elder Scrolls Online addon that shows treasure map and survey locations on your World Map. It includes every known treasure map and survey location.

SkyShards (Download)

  • Adds map pins for skyshards to the world map.

TraitBuddy (Download)

  • TraitBuddy is an addon which trys to help you easily manage and keep track of what crafting research traits all your characters know.

Votan's Fisherman (Download)

  • This addon stores the type of a fishing hole once a specific fish or bait was catched. The type and the fishes and baits already catched there, are shown in the interaction menu while focusing the fishing hole. Pins with a corresponding color are added to the map.

Votan's Mini Map (Download)

  • This addon reactivates the mini map from ZOS. Thus the mini map does not do less, but also not more than the build-in world map, because it is the build-in world map.

Wykkyd Toolbar (Download)

  • Wykkyd Toolbar is an addon originally programmed as a piece of Wykkyd's Framework. It provides an informational bar with on-screen display of useful, configurable, "tools".

Wykkyd Enhanced HUD (Download)

  • Enhanced HUD is an addon originally programmed as a piece of Wykkyd's Framework. It provides small, optional and configurable changes to the built-in Health, Stamina, Magicka & Target bars.

Wykkyd Enhanced Chat (Download)

  • Wykkyd Enhanced Chat is an addon originally programmed as a piece of Wykkyd's Framework. It provides small features to clean up and slightly enhance the chat window.

pNames (Download)

  • pNames is a simple addon to change names displayed in every chat channel.

Chat2Clipboard (Download)

  • This simple addon adds a small button before each chat message that opens a textbox and allows you to copy the message to the clipboard by pressing ctrl+c.

ChatStamp (Download)

  • This addon adds a timestamp to every normal message in your chats.

Combat Reticle (Download)

  • Combat Reticle is a graphical add-on that greatly enhances visibility and utility of the on-screen reticle for targeting and interacting with items, NPCs, and other players in the game world.

Game Information (Download)

  • This smart multitalent helps you to improve some weakness (like the missing bank/inventory space) of the original UI. It also shows you informations about the time played or always shows the experiencebar - if you would like that.

Cyrodiil Alert 2 (Download)

  • I always found Cyrodiil Alert very useful, and was sorry to see it fall into the Discontinued and Outdated category. When it no longer worked properly after Update 6, I decided to try and adapt and improve on the original and add a slew of new features in the process.

Provision's TeamFormation (Download)

  • TeamFormation is a user Interface for The Elder Scrolls Online, designed to show the positions and health of your teammates, like a radar.

PvP Journal (Download)

  • For more info visit the addon download page.

Bait Counter (Download)

  • Have you ever been standing in front of a fishing hole and wondered how many insect parts you have left? Did you really want to open your inventory and find your insect parts to find out? Me neither. Introducing Bait Counter!

I hope this list helps you better enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online, have fun!



Hazard said:

(almost 2 years ago)

This is an awesome list of addons, Thanks!

cloudbane said:

(over 1 year ago)

Very helpfull list tnx

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