What is a ESO Trading Guild?

What is a Trading Guild? Why would I join one, and most important, what do you mean by "ESO doesn't have an Auction House"?

This is The Elder Scrolls Online, and the rules are slightly different from other games, here's why:

In  ESO, there is no Auction House, no personal store, no central town market, nothing. A player has no place to drop the goods for a price and walk away, if you want to sell, you have to work for it.

The only place to sell you goods, apart from spam in zone chat that is barely ever used, is the guild store. A guild with over 50 members gains access to a guild merchant and players can sell internally to each other, as explained here. But if the guild is focused on trading, what in ESO is called a Trading Guild, it will aim to hire a Guild Trader, a static NPC parked in a specific location that will open your Guild Store to the world.

Now there's quite a few Guild Traders in ESO, and at first glance it would seem easy to get one, but the traders work for all three factions, and there's quite a few Trading Guilds out there... Most won't make it to a top area.
And that's where the difference is made, a top trading guild will have a merchant in an overpopulated area, like for example, Mournhold in Deshaan, that has so many players 10% of the times I travel there the game crashes. A top trader will sell your goods so fast you wont have enough to put for sale ;)

So this is it, it all comes down to focusing on having a Guild Trader on a top location. If you're wondering the limitations, lets say a top trader costed about 1m per week or more when I wrote this, a "normal" guild can't afford it.
We're not a top guild, we don't sell that much, about 1/10th of an hardcore "sell 100k or get kicked, 3 days inactive rule", but we have a great community and we do manage to be on a Pact top location.

TL;DR Trading guilds have hired expensive guild traders in overpopulated areas so your goods sell faster.



Idrisa said:

(about 3 years ago)

Wasn't tl;dr for me, read it all and I think you explain it pretty well! Great tutorial! :)

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