ESO Crafted Sets and Researching Traits

The Elder Scrolls Online is an awesome game with lots of action, but there's also quite a few professions and for the beginner it may not be immediately clear how to start or what are the benefits. This tutorial aims to give you a quick start guide on how to become a crafter in ESO.

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Basics of Fishing

Greetings Insiders! I'm often asked in the guild chat about the basics of fishing, baits and types of water, and why we do not have a tutorial on the web site.

So I decided to do such a tutorial covering the basics and getting you started.

This tutorial is not meant to be comprehensive, just a few basics and location tips.

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Addon List For Fellow Guildies

People mentioned in the guild chat that our website doesn't have a properly maintained addon list. I talked with Lance and we decided to go ahead and make a list with the ones I'm using for several months now. Here it goes!

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Selling Tutorial

Hello to all the Insiders!

Since I am receiving many questions from our Members about selling items I prepared this quick Tutorial to help you.

The objective is to guide you through the first steps into a sucessfull trading carreer in The Elder Scrolls Online.

It is very easy, check for yourself!

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How to Install Master Merchant

Greetings fellow Inside Traders!

Here's a quick guide for installing my favourite selling addon, which is Master Merchant.

As many of you know, a trading addon is perhaps the most important thing you need if you want to be a successful trader. The addon provides a lot of valuable information, the most important being current selling prices for items and how popular they are.

Trading addons are also how other traders know what to buy (i.e. low priced stuff) so the better your prices are, the higher your chance for a sale. I personally use Master Merchant and find it pretty good, but I've heard there are other good ones. This guide will focus on how to install and use Master Merchant, and how it naturally makes you a competitive trader in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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